Plum and cherry hybrids

Hybrids photos, care.

Hybrids photos, care.

The plum is valuable fruit of its earliness, taste. The tree is very popular in the gardens of Europe. The planting of the plum tree near a house requires knowledge of the gardener in its preferences, even during planting on small areas. You should select a place where in winter the layer of snow will no more than 50 centimeters. If the garden is with a slope, it will be better to plant the plum tree on the top. Forget about planting of plum tree in closed parts of the relief .

The distance between the plum trees must be at least 1.5-3m. The varieties of plum with broad crown – 3m from tree to tree. Its better to plant the plum tree in autumn or spring. The pits for planting in spring will be better to dig in the autumn. The depth of 50cm and a diameter – 60cm.

The tree should be planted in a of soil, in the areas of the garden with an anomalous layer of snow.
The hump are made of the soil with sand, gravel. Alternatively, we can use the box without a bottom, but they must be filled with the soil. The width and length of the box – 1m, height – 50cm.

Further tree care, pruning, treatment of trees, the formation of the crown – we do the same like the apple tree.