Medical juniper tree

Juniperus tree with berry - photos, the healing properties

Juniperus tree with berry – photos, the healing properties.

Juniper – is a small coniferous tree or bush. It brings medicinal dark blue cones. The best time for harvesting is October – November, at this time the cones ripen. We don’t recommend to use an oven or dryer for drying the cones. If overheat the juniper berry, its medicinal effects will be the worst. It is better to keep it in a closed, preferably a wooden box, the date storage is 3 years, without losing medicinal qualities.

Juniper grows slowly and can live for 1,000 years, there are times when the trees had the age of 3,000 years. Perhaps this example showed to us the fact that many countries called the tree as a symbol of eternal life.

Raw berries of juniper are used when a person has an ulcer, they are great to protect the worms from the body. After the start of the treatment of the berries of the tree, do not forget to follow the correct dosage. Please note that the juniper berries is forbidden to use for people with kidney disease, gastritis and pregnant women. There are useful and therapeutic baths with pine needles and cones of juniper, especially when a person has sciatica and rheumatic pains.
Thus it is better to take an infusion of cones, one tablespoon three times a day.
Juniper cones are often used in cooking for cooking meat dishes, different sauces or marinades. They give specific, interesting taste.