The growing conditions of actinidia at home

How to grow actinidia kolomikta.

How to grow actinidia kolomikta.

Like all plants, the actinidia likes the sunshine, but also can be good in the dark place.
But for a good harvest it needs the light.

The selection form will great grow on the fresh air with warm sunlight. To save themselves, the plant stops its growth for strengthening of the crown and for the preparation for winter, it protects plants from freezing. You should also wrap in the winter the young tree with leaves.

The actinidia prefers loamy, loose, fertilized, moist soil. The flooding and dry air is bad for the growth and development of the tree.

The two kinds of actinidia can survive to the temperatures down to minus 45, and they are ideal for the growing in Siberia: actinidia kolomikta and argut, thanks to the similar areas of the plants.

The kind of the hardiness plant is the actinidia purpurea. It grows well in the forest in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moscow region, and it can be propagated in similar conditions.

But there is a kind that can not stand in the cold, it’s Chinese actinidia (see Photo). You can plant it only in the SNG countries. Where the climate is subtropical.