Planting spinach summer

Spinach in the garden, photoShoyu spinach every season, not only in early spring, but in the second half of summer, when the day is on the decrease. I make sure that the summer spinach is obtained even better spring. Plants do not stretch and almost no arrows, hardly affected cruciferous flea beetles, and leaves grow juicy and tender. You have a second time will be able to eat delicious spinach, fresh from the garden. The main thing – to prevent drying out of the soil, otherwise the leaves grow coarse and have a bitter taste.

Spinach is useful for people who have vision problems, as well as teeth and gums. It strengthens blood vessels, regulates the function of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and salivary glands. It possesses anti-tumor properties.

I do not need to continue to further describe the pros summer planting spinach.

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