Melissa officinalis, growing

How to grow a garden balm, methods, description, photos

How to grow a garden balm, methods, description, photos

If you want to grow a lemon balm at home, you do not need a lot of effort. All you need to plant – sunlight, watering and fertilization. By itself, not whimsical Melissa can stay in one place for up to 4 years. Perhaps winterkill in very cold winters.

How to propagate medicinal balm, ways

Reproduction easy way to do grafting, division of the bush, planting seeds or else she herself multiply. Collect the seeds, just need to wait for the moment when a box with seeds will be brown or monitor until the seeds do not start to be showered. Note that no balm seeds are soaked in water and thin and do the pick should be, as usual.

When to sow the seeds?
The plant is well amenable to reproduction. The easiest way – to sow the seeds, it is best to do it in the spring.

As we have said, we can not be soaked, as if they were enveloped by a mucous membrane, after which the rate is significantly reduced germination before sowing seeds. Melissa is not recommended to bury deeply. Just one centimeter into the ground. Rises our fragrant grass in 14-21 days.

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