Salad Witloof

Salad tsikornogo witloof, growing house in the country

Salad tsikornogo witloof photo, grow houses in the country, in the garden. Forcing salad at home. Good quality plants and traditional medicine

Common name Witloof – white sheet. Is the name given to this plant people because of the way in which it is used in cooking. Basically, only bleached, very young cabbage leaves are used. More I can say that herbs witloof refers to the kinds of tasty salads tsikornogo.

Grow chicory salad in the garden, in the country

Witloof Chicory salad – a biennial plant, which is recommended to sow in the ground in the garden in the very early stages (about when seeded other garden plants) to a depth of no more than 1-2 cm initially recommended for the cultivation of lettuce to use a greenhouse or a greenhouse. to plant, still very cold nights are not frozen. The temperature in the greenhouse should not be below 10 degrees, and 10 days later – 20 degrees.

During distillation lettuce witloof without light, harvest juicy leaves (about 12 kg per square meter) can get in a month after planting. This method of cultivation uses great number of gardeners across Europe. This allows you to always, especially during the winter months to maintain the spread tasty, vitamin and greenery, which is so useful to the body.

The use of folk medicine

It should also be noted that bleached lettuce witloof hid himself in one more, the amazing quality that is exactly approve of lovers of folk medicine. Everything is as dietary plants. It is very useful to take people who have diabetes. Also, herbs raises the level of kidney function and metabolism in the body.

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