Mlechnik (kind of mushroom)

mlechniki photo mushrooms

Mlechniki photo mushrooms, description of non-edible fungi of the genus mlechniki. How to look, can we eat?

In our country mlechniki mushrooms (see photo) decided to rank a potentially dangerous fungi, however, despite this, they still belong in most part to the inedible mushrooms. In other countries mlechniki considered poisonous, even deadly, because its toxins tend to gradually accumulate in the liver cells and renal glomeruli.

All mlechniki belong to the family Russulaceae. A characteristic feature of this fungus is its pulp, which is very easy to crumble because of the lack of fiber in its composition.

The vast majority of species – Mycorrhizal. Through its bad for a man and even animal smell, huge numbers of fungi generally inedible. Their terrible smell impossible to get rid of. A distinctive feature of mlechnika ordinary, dull and gray and pink is its characteristic smell of herring, which is heard from the latex, after the appearance of the legs or on sections of the cap.

It should immediately be noted that non-professional pickers difficult to orient themselves and can not even apply immediately determine whether to find the trophy to this genus of fungi. The most common types that are all can meet in the forests of Ukraine and Russia will be the following mushrooms: podmolochnik, agaric aspen, black mushrooms, saffron spruce, lactarius flexuosus, lactarius pubescens and do not forget about a special kind of mushroom – milk mushroom real. Among this long list, it should be noted that only one mushroom, saffron spruce is edible, and then – only after prolonged heat treatment.

Usually there are inedible mushrooms mlechniki in marshy and heaving soils. They grow mainly in large groups in the form of bridges. There mlechniki in symbiosis with birch, pine or spruce.

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