Pea planting technology in the open field

Description of cultivation of peas in open field, care, technology and photo

Description of cultivation of peas in open field, care, technology and photo

Before sowing seeds in soil peas, they are soaked overnight in water. By the time of planting, they swell and thickly sown in specially dug grooves. Those who wish to get four times the yield of pea, our advice prischipnite top of the plant, peas release several side shoots. You can pinch out at any time, even if your plants are very small. The only time, try to carry out this procedure in the morning, so on a sunny day, the wound will be tightened peas, and he did not get sick. Side shoots should also nip off, they release a new branch. Accordingly, the more release pea stems, the higher the yield.

To harvest is ripe late, pinched spend half of the plants, and then half of the other half, and so on. As a result, the plant in different periods will yield. In order to better growing plant, it was convenient to gather the fruit, dig next to bars or pull rope, the plant will be on them to trail in height. Earth to dig and remove weeds.

Those growers / gardeners who cultivated peas in pots or cups for the next year were high yield. After all, the earth formed vital for plant bacteria. Also, if you sow peas in containers, you can first raise it in the room, and then render out. So your work will not kill rodents, ants, birds. Planted in pots the plants do not have time to dry and watered them. effort you spend will be repaid with interest and will give a bountiful harvest.

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