Potatoes storage for winter conditions

Storing potatoes in the winter at home - as a right?!

Storing potatoes in the winter at home – how to?

Save potatoes in winter, is the most important task, and let you sprinkle it with dry chalk, still constantly check it in the basement needed. In case of deterioration detection should just deal with it.

The most common disease of potatoes in the winter can be called fusarium dry rot. It manifests itself round spots, rough around the edges, in the middle of the potato are dark brown with mold. If it is not damp in the basement, the rotted areas are dry, and if wet, then soft. Generally, the spots are formed in places where the potatoes were damaged and thrown the whole tuber. After the defeat, the potato becomes unfit for human food because dries completely. Twiddle need top layer of potatoes, and if the disease is progressing, and the whole, and do not forget to ventilate the room.

Also, experts advise to cover the top layer of straw, it will absorb moisture.

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