How to choose the ideal pot for flowers?

цветочные-горшки3Flowers in the house – it is very beautiful, environmentally friendly, and helpful. But first you need to make sure that the plant is to feel comfortable and not hurt. In this respect, it plays an important role in a pot where a flower planted. Pots of various shapes exist, the destination, and the color of the material. On the health and development of the most affected by the flower pot shape and material from which it is made.

In ancient times, the most popular are clay pots. Nowadays, the pottery is also popular among gardeners, and they were joined by another plastic, metal, or the mixing of different materials (wood, stone). You should know that the choice should be left not only visually appealing models, but also the materials of the pot. Different materials have different effects on the root system, the amount of moisture and air.

Pots made from clay and environmentally safe for plants, but they do not always fit into the interior because of their appearance. Modern materials allow to reach unusual shapes and colors, the pot of good plastic perfectly fit into the interior, and in addition, may further protect the plant from hypothermia in the winter.

The main advantages of clay pots:

  • Because of its material is very stable and prevents the possibility of the plant to roll
  • Do not delay excess moisture
  • Neutral color
  • Do not accumulate salt

Advantages of plastic pots:

  • Small weight pot
  • It retains moisture for a long time
  • The abundance of shapes and colors
  • No need to install additional drainage

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the pot is made, it should be slightly rough. It is this quality indicates that the land inside the pot will be enriched with oxygen and breathing. The flowers in these pots will be healthy and strong. The next thing you should pay attention to – the form of the pot. The best option is considered to be a pot with the bottom and the top of the same size. Too narrow bottom will interfere with the normal development of the root system and moisture retention.

In plastic pots usually already have a small drainage holes on the bottom. In these pots is necessary to pay attention to the size of the holes and their number. If they are very large, the earth will be washed away in a place with water, and if too little – will flood the plant.

Take care of the pan pot to excess moisture and does not stain the surface of the pot. It is also important that the pot was always clean and dry, it will prevent the appearance of mold and mildew, which are very harmful to the root system of a flower.

Pottery pots

Ceramic products for many centuries make human life a lot more convenient. Proven time and generations dishes dominated by a number of positive qualities. Natural material favorably affects all living things, including plants. Flower is a reliable protection in a pot made of clay. Our ancestors thought of everything and created this form of the pot, which is ideal for any plant will be good oxygen transmissibility or delay the excess moisture. pot options are as follows: the bottom and top of the pot of about the same size and height of the smooth surface at the top. This design allows the plants to grow properly at home.

Glazed clay pots

Simple very discreet pot, and so want it as something to decorate, set aside. Many housewives themselves are beginning to envelop the pot, how the piece goods or painted with oil paint. This absolutely can not do! The advantage of clay pots is that they are well pass the air, and in this way decorations, all the properties of clay lost.

You can find beautifully embellished ceramic pots. Often, this is done using a special glaze. These pots are also not suitable for planting, but can be used for decorative purposes. Flower basically bitter can be placed in the decked glaze, so it will look nice and safe.

Alternative vessels pots and vats

Such variants ware used for the plant species, which are not suitable pots. This form is not suitable for all plants, but if you plan to plant the plant is in a vat, then take care of the drainage that excess moisture does not accumulate and do not rot the roots. Drainage must be installed on the bottom, it can be broken brick, large stones, pieces of pottery. If the vat or vessel glazed, it is better to separate the soil from the pot wall with the help of a food film. Since harmful substances which are found in the glaze are detrimental to the plant.

Ceramic bowls and cups

These forms are characterized primarily its small size and shallow bottom. In this dish well germinate seeds or plant the plants with little or no horizontal roots (ferns, Bromeliads). For very small plants or seeds suitable saucer. For larger or to create beautiful combinations of plants suitable bowl. Due to the large open area of ​​soil and shallow bottom, the water does not stagnate, and speeding all the way, and surplus evaporates.

The warmest pot foam
Foam potty handy in the house, especially in the cold season. This material is primarily known as insulated. If the plant is planted in a pot, it is easy to survive cold temperatures. But to use foam pots constantly very uncomfortable. The thing is that he is very fragile and easily crumble, and large plants can fall over.

Pots made of plastic

In our time of piece goods pots worked well. You can choose any shape or color of the pot and it will fit well into the interior. The pots are very light, but strong. Due to the dense material, pot retains moisture well and protects the plant from the cold.

But still there is a negative impact on the plastic pot flower growth. Piece material may adversely affect the development of the root system, causing delayed growth of the flower. To toxic substances do not harm the plant, just before planting, the pot should be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

Do not forget the saucer

Some of the pots are sold directly from the saucer, but for others you need to purchase them separately. Their main function is to prevent the plants from the overflow. Excess moisture to enter sump and thus does not remain in the soil. The pot is clean and dry. As saucers can act bowls or saucers of different sizes.

Containers for flowers

May serve as the main place for planting a flower or as additional (in a container put several different pots). Typically, these containers are made of plastic, drainage need to install himself with stones or broken bricks. The containers can grow several flowers, so they are often used to create entire songs.

Wooden products for flowers

Wood – a durable and reliable material, so it is also used for planting flowers in the barrels. In this dish can grow big and small flower plant. Natural material from which made the barrel allows the plant to be enriched with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the external form of the flower. The only disadvantage of such a product – fragility. Wooden barrels quickly rot due to heavy and frequent watering, but we can continue service lines if you separate the soil from the inner walls of the product from the film.

Wooden lattice

This structure consists of a shallow wooden slats which are interconnected in a grid. At the bottom of the foam sheet is set, the holes between the slats lay dry moss, so that the soil is kept well and not rozpadaetsya. soil ball very subtle, so the moisture evaporates quickly and the plant dries quickly.

Aquarium Plant

A special device that allows you to grow plants in the special conditions. Behind glass walls will feel good tropical plants for which it is important that the temperature was quite high, and the air is humid.
You can take the whole composition of the colors will look very impressive. These aquariums to keep the hearth of the world: on the balcony, the window near the lamp. The dimensions of such tanks may be very different: from tiny to large.

Ornamental flowerpot

Plants that have drooping branches, need special care. To not break branches and looked beautiful plant can be mounted in a suspended state, it will look very impressive and for the benefit of the flower. There are widely used hanging pots, the so-called pots. These small pots are for branching plants. With the help of special ropes pot secured to the ceiling or the wall, so that the plants do not break branches and bear a decorative function. Planters can be of different shapes and colors, so perfectly fit into any decor and plant it will look harmonious.

for pots Pots are made from natural materials and piece, the main thing that did not hurt the plant and growing rapidly. Planters can be made, and himself, for that need a pot and rope, it is important to attach the rope to a good pot, so it does not accidentally slipped and crashed. An interesting option could be a wooden basket, which can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Its easy to do yourself: will need wooden slats, film, Moss. Rods slipping into a grid, and then fills the space between the cells of moss, and then installed on the ground the film. The soil turns quite small that allows you to fix these baskets and upright.

Instead, all the pots

Looking for an original approach to planting flowers people find the most amazing options. For example, as the pot is used, who would have thought, a mushroom! There are types of fungi that feed on trees – tinder. They need to collect, dry well and then form the pot. To do this, choose the middle of the fungus, and at this point a void where sleep-prepared soil and planted plants. These “mushrooms” can be installed on flat surfaces or attached to the wall.

Stationary pots

Most of these pots are placed in large rooms: offices, hallways, rooms and the like. Very often, the location of the flower pot is thought out in advance, and entered in the layout of the house. This allows you to think carefully place the flowerpot provisions compatible with the interior.

Mobile pots

Most of the plants for the winter should be moved to a cold room, so that the flower could “relax” during the winter. If with small flowers it will not be big problems, huge and heavy pots rearranged from place to place is not so easy. Such cases need to take care of and help advance the mobile pots. The shape and material of the container can be quite varied, but the most important thing – it is the mobility of the product. The pot is equipped with wheels or runners, because of what the move even the heaviest pots and uncomfortable can be much faster.

As with any other pot in the mobile need to install drainage from shards or stones so that moisture is not delayed. In order not to bother with the drainage, it is possible to put a mobile container plants in the pot ready, and empty space filled with sand or soil, so water level will be adjusted independently. To decorate the plant in a pot, you can use seashells, pebbles, grass, decorating their soil under the flower.

Today, stores offer a huge selection of different pots. You can pick up with your desired color or shape. No less popular is hendmeyd. Use the materials at hand can be extremely decorate the pot. In the course can go almost all the – threads, beads, shards, twigs, bark, and much more. The main thing is not to overdo it, because it is important that the most attention to itself drew the plant, not the pot.

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