Mycena net (lat. Mycena pura)

Все о грибе "Mycena net"

All of the mushroom “mycena net.” Psilocybin, psychotropic.

Mushroom mycena clean (Mycena pura) from the family Tricholomataceae is slightly hallucinogenic mushrooms. It caught on in Europe and south-west Asia (slightly fewer). In some European countries recorded in the Red Book.

It is found in deciduous forests on the ground dead hardwood and softwood.

It is best to look for the fungus from early spring until June, in the fall do not often find. Mushroom mycena grows in groups.

At an early stage of development of the mushroom has a semi-spherical structure and pale brown. Ripening gives the cap broad conical or bell-shaped tuuyu, and after some time – spreading, with small raised edges. The diameter ~ 5cm. At the touch of mucous. The edges of transparent stripes with furrows.

Spore plate is different width and a rare of form. The surface is smooth, sometimes with very little wrinkles. Color spore plate grayish-white or just white.

The cap is located on the cylindrical stem, height 9 cm, diameter – 20 mm. Stem smooth, structure – a little fragile and watery.

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