Mushroom polulantsetovidnaya psilocybe (mushroom veselushka)

psy-polulantsetovidnaya mushroom psilocybe (veselushka conical bald, liberty cap) (psilocybe semilanceata (Fr.) P. Kumm. 1871)

Psy-polulantsetovidnaya mushroom psilocybe (mushroom veselushka conical bald, liberty cap) psilocybe semilanceata

The hallucinogenic mushroom psilocybe polulantsetovidnaya (mushroom veselushka, sharp conical bald, liberty cap) (Psilocybe semilanceata (Fr.) P. Kumm 1871) – A kind of fungi of the family strophariaceae.

Cap freedom contains psilocybin and psilocin. This allows us to include the psy-mushroom “liberty cap” to the hallucinogenic inedible mushrooms.

Cap in Cap veselushka resembles an elongated shape. Diameter – 2.5-3 cm Color hats -. Beige. If slightly damage the skin of the fungus, it starts turning blue.

Find psychoactive mushroom “veselushka” can pastures, usually, where the soil is slightly moist. The best time to search – the end of August and before the first snows. The level of hallucinogens in the mushroom depends on the conditions in which you found it. Action continues mushrooms about 5-7 hours.

После use of hallucinogenic mushrooms polulantsetovidnaya psilocybe (veselushka conical bald, mushroom cap of freedom) emerge hearing and visual hallucinations.

Be careful! The use of psilocybin mushrooms of this type is addictive! This does not always lead to good results.

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