Mushroom blewits stinking

psychotropic mushrooms causing blewits stinking hallucinations (Tricholoma Inamoenum)

psychotropic mushrooms causing hallucinations blewits smelly (Tricholoma Inamoenum)

The fungus hallucinogenic blewits smelly (lat Tricholoma Inamoenum.) – Can be found in mixed forests, in groups or singly. The period for the fungus collection blewits smelly – the beginning of September until the middle of November. The cap reaches 4-8 cm in diameter. Painting hats – white. The debate is also white. Stipe thick and rather long, the color is usually the same color as the hat. Plates adheres to the stipe.

After use of hallucinogenic mushrooms blewits smelly (lat. Tricholoma Inamoenum) having auditory and visual hallucinations.

Be careful! Use of hallucinogenic mushrooms is addictive! This does not always lead to good results.

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