Troyshling semicircular

psychotropic mushrooms causing hallucinations troyshling semicircular (lat. Stropharia semiglobata)

psychotropic mushrooms causing hallucinations

Hallucinogenic mushrooms troyshling semicircular (lat Stropharia semiglobata) – Attracts mushroom pickers its interesting shape and white body paint.

Mushroom troyshling semicircular can be found from early spring to late fall, in the manure. Diameter of cap psychedelic mushroom reaches approximately 3 cm. Sometimes caps coloring is lemon. Depending on the humidity of the environment in which the fungus has grown, the surface may be dry or shiny. Spore-forming layer is closer to brown and stem, in turn – yellow.

After the use of psilocybin mushrooms can appear in hallucinations, trip, or at worst – will begin delirium.

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