Black gerbil, a description of

Description black gerbils, characteristics, content and photos

Description black gerbils, characteristics, content and photos

Black gerbil – rodents, with black coat color. They live on all continents warm. Give preference bushes, burrows near the trees, overgrown rocks. The animal has a thick, short coat, long tail, elongated muzzle, small hairy ears. The whole body is covered with black hairs, even the skin is dark. Black and nails, antennae, eyes.

Character calm. Black gerbil active, curious, agile. Animal fairly quickly gets used to people (especially children), non-aggressive, docile. Unlike hamsters, gerbils submissive, so education does not take labor. They quietly get on with parrots, hamsters, chinchillas, decorative mice, guinea pigs, and other non-aggressive pets.

Meals varied. In the wild, the food extract themselves: looking for seeds, grains, vegetables, fruits, berries, various herbs. But you can feed them regular feed for rodents. Sometimes let the vegetables (carrots, cabbage). Although gerbils do not need water on the outside, in a cage they do not have the possibility to saturate the body with moisture. Place feeders near the trough with water. Change the water every day.

Construction of housing for your pet is very important. As described above, chickweed – active animal. Therefore, the cage should be large, large. It should contain a variety of toys to pet it was not boring. The bottom of the cell (tank) is necessary to pave wood chips, place the drinkers, feeders.


Gerbils can not stand alone. Buy better couple. Keep them in the same cell. Almost never between the rodents of this kind does not occur quarrels. Cells are cleaned every three days. Since this type rodents do not stink, do not care for them will bring difficulties.

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