Breeding carp in the home, in the pond

Breeding carp in the pond as a business at home, on a site in the country in a steady pool or pond

Breeding carp in the pond as a business at home, on a site in the country in a steady pool or pond

Do you think, how to build a profitable business? Take care of the cultivation of fish, either, not even a trained person can use home breeding of carp in the pond and, at the same time, earn decently. There is a huge choice of places where you can start working.

You can find the rates or ponds, where you can set the cages to grow almost any kind of fish. Of course, for beginners the best choice would be a carp, it is fast-growing and easy to breeding. The cages used to grow fish for sale, it consists of a rectangular bags or the trapezoidal shape of strong kapron nets that hang in the water. Fasteners made bags to a wooden frame, floating on the water, while the frame corners bound iron. To fasten the frame floats (iron barrels with a volume of not less than 150 liters). Once the tank is ready, you can begin to exploit it. Filled tank carp, which has a weight of about 25-30 grams. Put the pieces can be about 200 per cubic meter.

Of course you need to take care of fish life. Water inmates should receive an additional dose of oxygen. To do this, place a number of electricity, oxygen supply and illumination. Fortunately, the problem is solved, you can use the battery.

Artificial breeding of carp fry – than feed?

Next, we think about food for fry carp. Install the cultivators for the larvae (maggots), 5-6 of such installations, and no longer have to worry about live food to feed the entire period of carp. Maggots quite nutritious, because its composition is of great protein content.

If the carp will eat larvae in 5 months (May – October), you can increase the weight of more than one kilogram. Cultivation depends on the weather, and of course, you need to make sure that your fish are not “caught”.

Carp breeding technology in the pool

How to make your own pool and a fish tank for fish with their hands, photos and instructions

How to make your own pool and a fish tank for fish with their hands, photos and instructions

For use special fish breeding basins, a more efficient method. The main advantages that can put it anywhere as it is convenient for you. The construction of the pool for fish will not hit much on a purse, and in the construction materials at hand to help you, for example, brick, concrete slabs or wood. The main one is sealing seams to keep water out. And the last will be the solution to the aeration problem.

In order to prevent water from seeping through the seams, pull the film over the entire area. Pumping water make electric pumps and compressors.

The standard size of the pool can be determined by concrete products, or standard dimensions of the film.

A big plus to breed carp in the pool that catches the fish can produce up to the middle of winter, on how much it will be insulated and closed, and the price of the fish, as we know, not a little during this period. Growing carp with 30 grams and up to more than one kilogram of weight from early spring until the winter, and you can get about 7500 kg of fish. Therefore, the construction will pay off literally for one season of “catching”.

Having a pool can be propagated by eggs. Even buying from local fishermen of different fish, it is possible to start and to grow up to 90 days, and thus re-sell in the winter for better prices.

You can also create your own “brigade” of people where everyone will do their work, not to shoulder the entire load of the work. By the way – it’s very convenient.
Generally, in such pools are bred not only the carp, but other well-known species of fish (silver carp, telapiya, carp, catfish, etc.). If there is such a unique opportunity to fill the seawater swimming pool, it is possible to dissolve an unlimited number of fish species.

The method of growing fish in cages is called intensive, and is one of the best and most profitable. Costs need not big, but as a result of such work, you get a constant, and most importantly – a stable profit. The only drawback would be the multiplication of harmful bacteria, while not excluding the risk of diseases of fish. This is due to the contamination of aquatic systems. But fortunately not difficult to solve the problem, it is necessary only to establish a protective system.

Of course carp breeding in the home, in the artificial ponds, is not easy, but if you ask for, to be patient and have a lot of desire, it will succeed. Business for fish – a reality!

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