Building a mobile pavilion for the bees with their own hands

Mobile pavilion for the bees with their own hands, a stationary pavilion for keeping bees, pavilion construction

Roll Hall of bees with their own hands, a stationary pavilion for keeping bees, design

Anyone who is engaged in beekeeping, this advice is useful. It is a convenient and easy-to-use mobile pavilion for year-round maintenance of bees.

The walls of the van five-layer: canvas, board, soft fiberboard, hardboard foam again. The roof is also five-layer: aluminum sheet roofing, roofing felt, board, foam and hardboard. Through this five-layer “cake” and the presence of supply and exhaust ventilation units inside the pavilion is supported by optimal temperature not only in spring and autumn, but in the hot summer days. A winter in the pavilion is moderately frosty. But heating we use only when the temperature is lowered to -10 degrees.

At the back of the van compartment arranged for storing cell frames, honey pump, carry out preparatory work and leisure beekeepers-gardeners.

The inner surface we Studded waterproof insulation thickness of 4 mm, and the outside covered with aluminum paint. Such innovations helped to stabilize the fluctuation of temperature indoors. And if earlier in the period of severe frosts temperature inside the pavilion dropped to -25 degrees, but now does not fall below -8. And this is a winter allowed us to save up to 40 kg of honey. As a result, the cost to insulation costs will be repaid in full within one winter.

Yrs in our insulated pavilion open all year round, both in natural hollows. This allows the inhabitant of the hives in the spring of conduct cleansing circled on the first sunny day, at a temperature of 8-10 degrees of air, which is 2-3 weeks earlier than the usual content.

For better orientation of bees and queens front wall of the pavilion is made verandas at the tap hole, which we painted in different colors: blue, white, yellow and purple. Red and black colors are not painted – they do not distinguish between bees.

Mobile pavilion for bees – what’s the advantage?

Tips experienced beekeepers, tips experienced beekeeper beginners

What are other advantages of mobile apiary? The most important thing – you have the ability to quickly move his pavilion to the flowering fields, without having to spend money and effort on the loading and unloading of the apiary. Pavilion allows you to work with bees, regardless of weather conditions. The pavilion is also easier to protect bees from animals and pests. In addition, year-round maintenance of the bees in such structures eliminates the costly winterer.

Size, volume, capacity of the pavilion can be very different. But I think in the summer optimal conditions pavilion at 20 bee colonies.

The content of the bees in the pavilion not only solves the issue of preservation of the apiary, but also releases large suburban land area. And we do not need to paint the hives. This prolongs their life, because the moisture from the unpainted wood go faster hives do not rot and has good ventilation.

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