Italian bees

Italian breed of bees, description, photos, characteristics

Italian breed of bees, description, photos, characteristics

Granted breed of bee native to Italy. Work proboscis Italian bee is 6.5 mm. The weight of worker bees about 110 mg, uterine infertility – 180 mg, prolific approximately – 210 mg. If intense uterine fecundity daily number of eggs is approximately 1500 -2500 units.

Formation of families of bees is fast enough, and honey collection is distinguished by its high quality and speed. However, bees disadvantages of this breed have a high susceptibility to several diseases: toxemia and nosema, and poor resistance to cold. Widespread bee occurs in zoned areas. Italian breed on their performance is very good: the highest performance family of the uterus are very fertile, distinguishes the rapid collection of honey.

These factors made possible to use the Italian bees in industrial crossing and breeding of this species.

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