The gray mountain Caucasian bee

The bees of gray mountain Caucasian breed, photos, description, characteristics

The bees of gray mountain Caucasian breed, photos, description, characteristics

This breed bees perceive scientists as one of the friendliest. By exploring their nests they are fairly quiet and peaceable, while continuing to work on the cells, protruding from the hive. Can not be said about the relation to other species of insects. His area of ​​other species of bees under attack defend very well, and they themselves are arranged to bee attacks. These genetically mortgaged habitat include the North Caucasus and the Caucasian mountain territory, but they are distributed in more than 40 countries. In his usual mountain territory Caucasian insects feel fine and winter quite passable, can not be said about their stay in the winter in other regions, because there they become very unstable at low temperatures. Data characteristics bee inferior to the Central Russian breed, as well as the fact that almost no resistance to common diseases (nosema, gniltsovye ailments) and productivity lime, buckwheat honey with intensive allocation of nectar. Despite this, beekeeping of this breed is widely practiced, because insects excel own skills collecting nectar. They are a little whimsical in nectar plants and able to quickly adapt themselves to every culture (even use Polyphlore collecting legumes, similar to clover).

Nests abundantly propolisovonye bees and honey Signet – dark (wet). The average mining bee produces about 30 kg of honey on the family, depending on their habitats. They add up to a fetal product areas and later move on to other parts of the jobs. Caucasian breed almost royliva (3-5%), but the state of the swarm they use the rhythms of feeding of fertility, nectar gathering and building the combs, and then are free to move out of the swarm mode (assuming attainable degree of gathering honey 400-500 grams / day ).

The bees of this species have a gray trunk, proboscis working 6,6-7,2 mm in length. Working day insects weigh 90 mg, fertile uterus – 200 mg sterile – 180 mg. With abundant development of bee colonies daily fruitfulness ewes is about 1100-1500 eggs. Grey Caucasian bees use in the bath or temperate regions for honey collection. Providing breed often crossed with other breeds of bees.

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