Yellow Caucasian bee

Characteristic for breeding and yellow Caucasian bee photo

Characteristic for breeding and yellow Caucasian bee photo

Breed yellow Caucasian bee is considered a very peaceful and fairly quiet, roylivost their uniform, but other bee families are attacked frequently. The Armenian beekeeping recently held study uterus and reproductive breed thoroughbred breeding. The initial stay of insects were recorded in the Caucasian republics (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), and later – the North Caucasus.

The distinctive qualities of species are active acclimation in arid and extremely hot parts of the region is not a problem for the bees, they are not whimsical to the ventilation and sit in their cells. Honey from these insects with dark signet. Demand in permanent winter overflights.

Bees have a gray tint torso with light yellow flowers. Working long proboscis 6,5 6,9 mm. Weigh the average worker bees – from 80 to 90 mg, fertile uterus – 200 mg sterile – 182 mg. During the interval the most hard-abundant reproduction yellow Caucasian breed bees daily fruitfulness of the uterus of a family 1200-1700 eggs.

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