The uterus of bee family

Spiking queens in the bee family looks like, its role. Photos and descriptions

Spiking queens in the bee family looks like, its role. Photos and descriptions

Continuer kind of bee is the female uterine. Previously known as the queen of the queen bee of the hive. But this is not the case, she has the same rights as the rest depends on the working bees and the whole of the state of bee colonies.

To live the queen bee may be 4-5 years, but to be useful not more than 2 years. To grow uterine bee to build its swarming liquor. If the uterus suddenly disappears (dies), is derived from the new normal one-day larvae. To do this, the bees gnaw cells that are around, then removed the brood and build a bowl turning it into liquor.

During the season, a day uterus may delay more than 2 thousand larvae, their weight exceeds the weight of the uterus. As far as quality, it will have an impact on the total number of bees and the strength of their family. When young queens family will be stronger, and thus the level of honey collection will be great. If the uterus is qualitative it is good to plant cell eggs, this indicates disability. Older uterus is not completely lay hundreds of eggs cells.

Bee family weakens not only because of the uterus (it affects the development), but also on the living conditions and care of the hive, that is a lack of food, thermoregulation, or the lack of a sufficient number of cells.

Bees use the royal jelly to feed the new larvae and pupae, and on the fourth day already fed honey and pollen. The young queen bees fed so abundantly that it almost floats in the royal jelly to sealing the liquor. In addition to the nutrients that it contains milk, it also has a large number of hormones, responsible for the formation of the genital systems queens. During the development of the larvae, their weight in two weeks will increase by several thousand times. Once the uterus is left with the mother liquor in the first place, it is not looking for than to satisfy hunger, and looking young queens for their destruction. It does this to ensure that a stay in the family.

But often the bees do not allow the destruction of all the new queen, by how much the uterus ejected in abusive period may disappear, while at the same time the family is not able to bring a new one. Vie them after fertilization.

Once the uterus of its position in the hive after 2 flights, 2 weeks she will leave already met with the strongest drone, which will be able to catch up. It is the inherent nature for the development of physiological full-fledged offspring.

In just a few marriage departures fertilize her uterus 5 to 10 drones, the latter of which will be the carrier of the genotype of the future of the bee family. Balance sexual organ drone remains in the uterus, which relieves the bees after her return.

The ability of the uterus to hold a sperm of drones fertilize it alive, allowing it to lay eggs at any time throughout their lives. Within three days after fertilization, the uterus starts to debug the fertilized eggs in the cells. If the 20 day uterus remains unfertilized, it will start to lay eggs from which drones will appear. But as you know, such a family will not be able to continue its vital functions.

Experienced beekeepers can be distinguished from the fertilized unfertilized eggs, they must closely monitor what is happening. To distinguish the type of eggs you can only at the moment when the bees will seal the brood.

During the swarming bees build a lot of uterine cells to soon leave the nest with an old uterus.

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