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Turkey (turkey), growing at home, free range conditions, description and photo.

Even the chicken is able to hatch eggs turkeys. Turkey summer lays 17-19 eggs, fall, winter 15-17, chicken summer 9-11, at other times 7-9. Turkey chicks hatch begins with 27-28 days. Feeding calves out of the hen, the same as for hatching chicks, special care they do not need. We just need to stick to the schedule meals and give the desired range of fodder rich in vitamins, protein and mineral components.

In turkeys over a long phase of laying eggs than other host of birds, it lasts from early spring to autumn, but the highest oviposition fall from May to July, during this period, turkey give 80% of the total number of eggs. Good turkey litter is given in the first year of laying eggs. Turkeys have good intuition, the first of its news is slowing down the birds in a nest after laying eggs. If laying hen left the nest at night, you need to put it under the eggs. If you want to prevent hatching, then put the bird in a barn, where quite sunny, and no nests or let her walk in the yard all day. Hen it is advisable not to let the yard, until you get it from the egg.

Yard enclose a height of not less than 2 meters, because the turkey fly. Of course you can, cut their wings. Winter allow to walk at a temperature of – 15 ° C, when frost become strong, turkey contain indoors.

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