Landscaping – dry creek with their own hands

Dry creek in the country with their own hands, photos, step by step instructions how to do

Dry creek in the country with their own hands, photos, step by step instructions how to do

Everyone knows what it means “dry creek”. It is used for decoration on the number of sites using a variety of stones and sand.

Nowadays, many people use the idea in the landscape design. What is there to be surprised. The ability to combine different areas of the garden or plot planted with flowers. With it, you can hide the flaws of the garden, it can be a manhole, pipes and more. Private relief any defects. This is one of the brightest and most interesting solutions.

It’s nice to enjoy the view of a dry brook, but it is not only beautiful, but also useful. Use it as a drainage groove.

Want to dry creek at home? Not a problem, it is the power of each newcomer. Many rely on the creation of a dry creek in the garden of experienced professionals. But why spend the extra money if we are able to create beauty with his own hands, almost free! In this article we will tell you step by step how to make your own dry creek at the cottage!

And so, Getaway To start, make a plan of work, armed with information, so as a result of the creek looked gorgeous. Browse photos, videos, the Internet, information is available mass.

Determine the length, depth, shape. They come in a variety of, in the end, you come up with your own decor. Main observe asymmetry, do not do the same width, let the stream gradually becomes something that is already wider. Thus, it will look more natural.

Review the material that will be operated. Look at the various hues of the stone. Remember, if you want to simulate a waterfall – use light shades. Which stone will pick up – so is the result. For example, the extraordinary beauty can be accessed using slate stone, it has a blue hue, and various types of granite can be red, green and even brown shades. And of course, not unimportant role played by the selected shape of the stone.

In some places, for the attention of attraction, you can use large stones. But do not zealous, it should look natural and relaxed.

Do not be amiss to take a sheet of A4 and realize the desire on paper, you can make a few sketches, and soon proceed to action.

Preparation and initial stage of the construction of a dry stream

The device dry creek with his own hands, on the plot, creating technology

The device dry creek with his own hands, on the plot, creating technology

To mark the beginning of the contours, dig a ditch around the perimeter to a depth of 20 centimeters. In the prepared hole lay out any material that will not allow the germination of the weed, and fill sand layer (the layer will be 5 centimeters). Well, training is over.

The second stage – layout directly. For starters settled by bottles, rocks alternate in size, then spread crevices. After forming the bottom, often carried out the pebbles.

The penultimate stage of putting some boulders to rapids and waterfalls.

And finally, the end of which we have been waiting for. The final will be planting. Choose those that do not require constant watering. For example, the bed can be planted along the Chinese cane, daylily and many others. Beautifully will look tall plants such as delphinium, fizostegiya. Very gently will look petunias and phlox.

We can wish you a lot of creativity and realization of ideas!

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