Panther chameleon

Panther chameleon, content, description and a photo

Panther chameleon, content, description and a photo

Panther (leopard) chameleon – small, bright animal family of lizards. The animal is very popular in many countries. Increasingly, people are choosing this breed chameleons as pets. Not only do they attract all its brilliant views. Leopard chameleon rarely sick. Therefore inexperienced animal owners do not need to constantly treat favorite. Under natural conditions, the life of the chameleon of the breed average duration of less than two years. Under the protection they live to 4 years. The name “Panther” animals received because of their bright colors. On monochrome tone there are various spots that resemble leopard skin, panther. Along the spine chameleon goes flat line, which is covered with small teeth.

Occurs animal of the breed on the northern coast of Madagascar. Paul animals easily identified by its tail. In males, it is a little thicker. this method does not work for the young chameleons. Color males are brighter than the females. They are also larger. During the hunt, they show courage. Females are more aggressive. There were times that the male body length is within the reach half a meter. Now, these large animals are not found.

All chameleons like warm weather. Humidity also be high. animals often prefer rainforests. Due to the large amount of rainfall, humidity is several times higher than normal. Such an environment like chameleons. Shelters are built on the branches of trees in the overgrown bushes, in places of strong vegetation. Chameleons are not afraid of people. There are times when they build their homes near human buildings.

This aggressive species of chameleons. They never sit still. Active animals hunt, looking for a couple, build housing. Keep them better in separate terrariums. Cohabitation may adversely affect the health of pets, because they are constantly provoked conflicts between flocks.

Care chameleon does not require much effort. They live in special terrariums small size. The bottom of the carpet the special substrate. You can put there a snag, wooden house. Must be present drinkers, feeders. Feed the chameleon can ordinary food for animals of this breed. Also let a boiled egg. Chameleons good eating mice, lizards. Water they need by force once a week. For ease of use the syringe, pipette. Capacity, fresh water should be present.

Breeding chameleons home is allowed. It is necessary to closely monitor this process, because at any time a female can attack. Before pairing make sure animal character. Recommended seat next to a calm aggressive chameleon. females usually relocated to the male. The first time the male begins to show signs of attention. His desire, he takes a nod of the head, he begins to flirt, slowly approaching the female. If the partner ignores the signs of attention, it moves to the side, so she is ready to mate. The reluctance of the female shows in a rather aggressive manner. She starts to hiss, threaten. In this case otsadit female insert breeding process at another time. Otherwise an aggressive female partner attack, injuring him. After a successful sexual intercourse, the female is deposited. After a while it starts to lay eggs. Realize eggs usually takes place a month after the sexual intercourse. Expectant mother digs a deep hole, which buries the eggs with embryos. If the female has become calm, she is ready to mate again. The eggs are transplanted into a separate container. If the female takes care of them, the future offspring better not to touch. The air temperature should be about twenty-eight degrees. Periodically sprinkle the ground to maintain the desired moisture balance. After nine months the cubs are born. Kids need a lot of water. Also, frequent feeding, good care will ensure rapid growth of the young offspring.

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