The fungus beetle Dyatlov (magpie, motley)

Young hallucinogenic fungus beetle Dyatlov - Photo

Young hallucinogenic fungus beetle Dyatlov – Photo

Psychotropic mushroom Dyatlov beetle (lat. Coprinus picaceus) hat has a conical shape with a few flakes of light color over the entire surface.

Young mushroom completely covered with this film milky. In the mature fungus free and convex plates. Over time, they go from white to pink. The flesh is white and fine, has no odor. Leg – 3cm in height.

Meet the can in a well-fertilized forests with deciduous trees. Sometimes it grows on fallen decayed wood. Collect possible with the beginning of autumn, from late August until the first heavy frost. The best place to look – rocky terrain.

Psychedelic mushroom gnoёvik Dyatlov - picture

Psychedelic mushroom gnoёvik Dyatlov – Photo

Coprinus Dyatlova translated from Latin means “woodpecker-like”.

In the literature, there are a few names – beetle magpie / mottled.

It refers to psychedelic (psilocybin) mushrooms.

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