Banana infusion for flowers and seedlings

Feeding flowers, peppers, tomatoes

Feeding flowers, peppers, tomatoes

Everyone who sees my peppers wonder they are so strong, vigorous and literally full of fruits. And all because they fertilize and water the banana infusion.

How to push a banana peel? 3 Half-liter cans fill the banana peel, top to pour the water and give it brew for 2 days. Then the infusion, which takes on a dark color, breed in a bucket of water and watering their plants. Incidentally, thereby “I treat you” and Paprika seedlings. I do this as needed, but not often.

I draw your attention to one important detail: the bananas before you remove the peel, should be thoroughly cleaned with hot water. And like a banana infusion for flowers and tomatoes, not only for the pepper, so – were treated plants, do not hesitate.

The infusion is ideal for controlling aphids in the greenhouse.

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