Gemitekoniks thick tail, description of the type

Description gecko species gemitekoniks tolstohvosty, characteristic breed photo

Description gecko species gemitekoniks tolstohvosty, characteristic breed photo

Thick tail gemitekoniks – breed geckos living in West Africa. Meet the animal can be semi-desert, rocky areas. Gecko small. its body length does not exceed twenty centimeters. the animal’s body is painted in several colors. The main color – beige. The body is decorated with bright orange stripes. Along the spine is stretched thin white line.

Thick tail gemitekoniksy recently very popular, especially in Western Europe. Due to the bright colors, small size, ease of maintenance are increasingly buying animal as a pet. The animal is not aggressive to humans, but between flocks often conflicts arise. So if you have decided to get myself an exotic animal, do not buy some gay animals. Get a better couple. Keep the gecko can be in the terrarium. Bottom pour earth, peat or sand. Also put in a large terrarium driftwood, stones, can plant the plants. For example, lettuce. Plants were sprayed daily. Also in the terrarium necessary to maintain a high level of humidity (sixty / seventy percent). Be sure to purchase a bird feeder trough. Geckos love to swim, so the small pool will not be superfluous. You can use some sort of stable capacity. Old ashtray for this is perfect. Approximate water temperature – twenty-five / thirty degrees. Be sure to Construct a few wooden houses. inlet diameter should be no less than fifteen centimeters. There the female will lay her eggs.

They feed on a variety of exotic animals insects, sometimes plants, fruit. Insects can be bought at the store. Before serving, dip the food into a solution of calcium glycerophosphate. Very useful for geckos honey. Periodically add it to fruit. The wall of the terrarium plant the plants that will serve as an additional feed.

Recently geckos started to propagate at home. Statistics show that with proper care all newborns survive in captivity. Before pairing observe the behavior of pupils. During mating, you should not move away from the couple. Once the animals were in the same room, prepare their seat. It often happens that the female is not ready for sexual intercourse. On the female flirting she can respond fight. If the female does not give any signs of aggression, no nods, it means that the partner she liked. But if it begins to nod his head, he goes to the partner, bring the procedure for another time. After intercourse, the female immediately resettled. If all goes well, in a month the expectant mother begins to lay eggs. This can happen a little later, so do not rush to pick up the nest. Eggs are better to move into a small container. This will protect the embryos against injury, premature hatching. Capacity fill a special earthen mixture. Put the eggs, cover them lightly with a damp cloth, tightly close the lid. The air temperature should be about twenty-eight degrees. Make sure that the air humidity is not less than seventy percent. The higher the air temperature in the drawer, the faster the hatch cubs. The maximum allowable temperature – thirty degrees and the minimum – twenty-five. First, infants begin to gnaw a hole in the shell. Sticking his head thick tail gemitekoniksy can stay the whole day in the shell. Sometimes kids just leave the “housing”, but this happens very rarely. Body Color is very bright kids. Over time, the skin fades, newborn animals are like their parents.

When all babies hatched, they should be resettled in a separate cage. There they will grow until they become sexually mature. Making the room must be the same as the parents. The bottom is littered substrate wall is inoculated plants. Put a few snags, pool, drinkers, feeders. The soil is necessary to stick a few bamboo sticks. Regularly spray the soil in order to maintain the desired level of humidity. Terrarium kids better moisturize fortified liquid. This facilitates the rapid, healthy growth of the younger generation. Feed the geckos can be the same as adults. Insects must be small in size. Regularly give them fruit, vegetables, vitamin supplements. At this age, the animals need special care, nutrition vehemently. Weekly every individual need water with a pipette. Water is recommended to take to defend, missed through the filter. To strengthen the immune system, add a little honey to eat. You can dip the wand. Toddlers will lick it. At the age of two animals can produce offspring. At the age of eighteen months, it is desirable to young seedlings. Geckos groups get along well, but sometimes there are conflicts. Always cause fights are female. Most males simply can not share them. Do not rush to make multiple copies of animals. After the first sexual intercourse and it stops growing.

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