The big Madagascar gecko

The big Madagascar gecko, the contents in the home, characterization, description and a photo

The big Madagascar gecko, the contents in the home, characterization, description and a photo

Madagascar gecko – a great family pet lizards. animal body has a greenish tint. The muzzle is slightly flattened, triangular shape. From the eye to the nose are drawn small brown stripes. The back is also sheltered small specks brick shades. Gecko has a long body, small, stubby legs. Meet the exotic jungle dweller can be on the island of Madagascar. Most geckos running around the sandy beaches. They roost in trees. Especially in sunny days the animals climb on twigs broadleaf trees. The body length of the gecko is not more than thirty centimeters. In males, the head bigger, wider than that of females.

Due to the bright appearance, the gecko became a pet in many countries. With every year the animal is growing in popularity in several times. Therefore, this article will acquaint you with the basic rules of care for the Madagascan jungle dweller. Living small animal can in an ordinary small aquarium. Keep pets better than couples. If you put three animals, a fight will begin. Buy a gecko – not the best option, as they can not stand alone. At the bottom of the cage it is recommended to put special plants that need regular spraying. The substrate, which paved with the bottom of the cage, also need to regularly moisturize. Be sure to buy feeders, drinkers. It is advisable to put a small container of water for bathing. They feed on insects geckos, bought at a pet store. Before using food to dip food into a solution of calcium glycerophosphate. Give your pet fruits and vegetables.

Madagascar gecko breeding season lasts from May to August. At that time, a female little aggressive. Often flirting males may adversely affect their health (the female partner’s beat). After a successful sexual intercourse female eggs are planted in the ground (substrate height of not less than ten centimeters). The process of laying eggs takes place a month after conception. Mom gently burying them in the ground. Sometimes people shift the eggs with the embryos into a separate container, for fear that the kids never born. To make the right decision, observe the partners just before mating. If they are not aggressive, conflict arises, it is better to leave the female babies. The air temperature must sway from twenty-five to thirty degrees, the minimum humidity – seventy percent. After two months, the cubs will be born. The first time, defenseless animals, need constant care. Despite his young age, young gecko much more active parents. To speed up the growth of animals, add them to eat vitamins, mineral supplements. After a year and a half, get younger can produce offspring.

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