Coal (red-legged) tortoise

Coal (red-legged) tortoise, the contents in the home, care, description and a photo

Coal (red-legged) tortoise, the contents in the home, care, description and a photo

Coal (red-legged) tortoise – a small family pet tortoises. The body length is not more than fifty-five centimeters. Body Colour – Black. In the peel contains yellow spots. Carapace as dark. Along the back are several rows of yellow spots square shape. Shell itself is divided into sectors, which are circled bright line. The legs are not long, but thick. Webbed fingers missing. Due to the ground way of life “fins” red-bugs are not needed. The red-footed tortoise hibernation does not fall. In their habitat there is virtually no winter. If you want to keep an exotic animal at home, keep him warm room.

Several times a year the female can produce offspring. The period of mating is repeated three times in twelve months, the process lasts three months. Over time the light may appear to fourteen small turtles. Living in captivity of about twenty-five years. To breed animals may be in the age of ten. Life expectancy is dependent on the environment. it is not recommended to breed turtles at home. If the female laid eggs, they need to move to a special room, where the kids hatch ultraviolet rays. Keep embryos in the incubator must be hundred fourscore and five days at a temperature of twenty-five or thirty degrees.

The last time carbon turtles are becoming increasingly popular. Because endurance, ease of maintenance, this breed of turtles survives well in human homes. Live pet may be in a small aquarium / terrarium. The bottom is paved with a thick layer of sand and peat. The bottom of the “seekers” are allowed to decorate algae. Among the plants reptile will feel comfortable. Be sure to put a container of water for bathing. Although this breed of animal lives longer on land, turtles alike need water. Humidity should be increased to a reptile feel comfortable. Over the terrarium, place a small lamp with ultraviolet rays, which will warm the pet. Be careful not to bug crawled out of the aquarium. It is not recommended to arrange small animal “walking” across the floor (carpet). He may accidentally swallow the “garbage” that would lead to dire consequences.

They feed on members of the family of tortoises meat, boiled chicken eggs, vegetables, fruit, squid, dry dog ​​/ cat food, canned food. You can also give your pet fish with bones. Pork, chicken is better not to give. Turtles eat gras perfectly. Every week you can feed the animals carrots, apples, grapes, cucumbers, apricots, cabbage. Permission is granted to make bananas, cow’s milk. From green suit spinach salad. The pet store you can buy special food.

Young turtles are allowed to keep, along with other reptiles. They get along well with other breeds of turtles, Adders, lizards, frogs.

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