Spider-harvestman (crane-fly), description of the type

Description harvestman spider species (crane-fly), characteristics, photos

Description harvestman spider species (crane-fly), characteristics, photos

Pholcidae (spiders, crane-fly) – a kind of insects that live almost anywhere. Spiders small size, they do not spin webs and are safe for people and animals.

Weapon spider of this breed is a pungent odor that attracts small insects. His very long legs spider captures prey. Before biting insect, it is bandaging it to the web layer. A small body has a brown color with gray shades. Males are much smaller than females. Giving offspring are the whole year. Females lay eggs in the soil. Later, they returned to the children.

Harvestmen are not finicky eating habits. They eat everything: from the grass, ending with a bug. Do not disdain even the corpses of birds, mice, etc.

Special Activity harvestmen seen at night. The benefits of this type of insects that they consume many crop pests.

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