Water spider Serebryanka, description of the type

Description of water spider species Serebryanka, breed characteristics, photos

Description of water spider species Serebryanka, breed characteristics, photos

Serebryanka (water spider) – order of insects that live in the water. The size of the spider body is less than three centimeters. The name “silverfish” resident water was due to the brilliant air around him. Unusual sowing is created by water droplets on the hairs. In the light of the droplets begin to shine. This creates air “unusual”. Build a water spider such as the representatives of terrestrial way of life. Insect has eight tabs (four on each side), eight pairs of the eye, the two pairs of jaws. The longest – extreme limb. With the help of the front legs spider captures food. This is probably the only breed spiders in which the females from the males is almost impossible to distinguish. The only distinguishing feature is the manner of insect movement. The female can float in a horizontal direction, the males in this regard have more freedom.

Silverfish come in two colors:

  1. yellow with brown shades;
  2. yellow with a grayish tinge.

Over time, insects darken. At the end of the life of the insect’s body becomes completely black. This feature makes it easy to calculate the age of the water spider.

They live spiders, silverfish in lakes, rivers, ponds. A large number of them observed in abandoned reservoirs. Spiders are very nimble in the water, on land.

As the water moves jewel with long legs. The spider can not breathe under water. So around it constructs a bubble filled with oxygen. Small ball allows him to stay underwater for long periods. Also, the air holds water spider hairs that covered his body.

Serebryanka – a poisonous spider. Attacks on human is not observed. During the hunt for small insects, spider cleverly, discreetly sprinkles on her network immobilizes by a thread of spider kills poison, then eats the insect.

Nest home insects this type of building their own (weaving of spider thread). Interestingly, the cover is not breathable. House spider is so transparent that detect with the naked eye is impossible.

Water spiders can be kept at home. Keep it should be in the aquarium. Caring for them does not bring difficulties. Spider whole day playing in the water, performing funny stunts. Watch this process interesting. Especially in the afternoon, when the insects especially active. Feed the pet can fine different bug. Suitable food for small spiders. Periodically change water. In order not to stagnate.

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