Spider Karakurt, a description of the type

Description poisonous spider species Karakurt, characteristic of the breed, photos

Description poisonous spider species Karakurt, characteristic of the breed, photos

Karakurt – detachment of poisonous insects of the family “black widows”. The spider is known for notorious. Karakurt poison can cause death of a person in just a few hours. The insect is widespread in Eurasia. It is not great. On average, the female body becomes the size of two centimeters. Males are three times larger. body color black with red spots round shape, may strip. The rear part resembles a ball. Killer Spiders prefer quiet, not residential areas. Usually they build refuge in vacant lots, the steppe regions, on the banks of canals, streams. Rarely burrow themselves. Most often they take shelter gerbils, rats, mice. Login karakurt cover, woven in a special way, with cobwebs.

The breeding season, Black Widow spider begins in early summer and lasts until September. In June, young families go in search of places where the nations future karakurt. When the spiders find the right place, they equip a house, then begin to mate.

In summer, people need to be extremely careful. WIDOW aggressive during the “travel”. It was then that people often fall victim to ruthless insects. If time does not take the necessary measures, possible death within forty-eight hours. The main symptoms of the presence of poison in the body is nausea, weakness, numbness of extremities, fever, pain in the abdomen, lower back. The bite is red, there is a slight swelling. If you have found at least one of the symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

The female, unlike other species, lays eggs in a special spider bags resembling cocoons of butterflies. Later, the mother does not visit their own offspring. Tiny spiders independently selected from the hole. they themselves survive in the wild. Of course, not all the cubs will be able to become adults spiders. Most of the offspring die.

Thrill seekers often give birth to a deadly spider as pets. Now we acquaint you with the basic rules of care for this type of insect. First of all, buy a small cage with a lid. The bottom is paved with a thin ball peat land. In the cage must be feeding, watering. They feed on insects ordinary food for the spiders. It is better to start a male because the female is much more aggressive, more dangerous. It is not recommended to take the hands of the Black Widow. Food stretch the foreign objects. In the case of a bite poisonous spider, the affected area immediately prizhgite burning match. When exposed to high temperatures poison will not spread quickly. Then consult a doctor. The best remedy is considered to be a special serum. Breeding spiders of this breed is prohibited in the home.

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