European pond turtle, the description of the form

Description of the form of the European pond turtle, rock photo, characteristics

Description of the form of the European pond turtle, rock photo, characteristics

European pond turtle – a small reptile that lives in freshwater. carapace length does not exceed twenty-three centimeters. The entire body is covered with small spots of yellowish shades. The carapace is dark. Top normally painted with burgundy, olive color. The top shell is decorated with shapeless yellow spots. Meet the reptile of the breed can be in lakes, rivers of Central Europe, Asia and North Africa. Also turtles populate the Crimean peninsula, Belarus reservoirs Caucasus.

A large number of marsh turtles observed in the steppe, forest-steppe zones. Much less of their lives in areas of mixed forests. To distinguish males from females can be the tail. In males it is much longer than that of females. In the wild, European marsh turtle extract hedgehog own. Most often it prey on a variety of insects, mice, frogs, molluscs, small fish. Sometimes even eats the remains of dead birds and other animals.

Reptiles of the breed are equally in need of water, land. Although the turtle spends more time in the water, she regularly gets to the shore. The animal wanders along the pond looking for food. Sometimes turtles are just lying on the ground. They move slowly on land but under water swim at a breakneck pace, may even dive to great depths. If a bug, which lies on the shore, approaching people, some beast, she quickly dive under the water.

Recently, the European marsh turtle taken in as pets. This decision is explained by the fact that this breed reptiles quite hardy. Before buying a turtle take care of a house. Perfect terrarium, aquarium. It should be roomy small animal, so to breed turtles should be defined in advance. It is sure to be the land, because the animal is constantly in the water can be. At the bottom you can put a variety of algae, which will serve as additional food for your pet. Make a wooden house, where a pet can hide. It is not recommended to put in a tank of two males. Sometimes they can provoke conflicts, which will compete negatively on the health of the animals. Where better to buy a couple. Hetero individual pieces fit together perfectly. Later, they can produce offspring. Normally the breeding season begins in March and lasts until the end of spring. After some time after mating, the expectant mother begins to lay eggs. The female pulls out a small mink, which hides the future offspring. Over time, she can lay up to fifteen eggs. It is recommended to move them in a special container. This will protect the embryos against injury, premature hatching. Newborn babies (about five centimeters long) are born completely unprotected. The first time, they do not take the environment.

Feed adult turtles almost everything. Quietly you can give fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, boiled egg, seaweed, greens. Dairy products are also useful for the younger reptiles. Pay particular attention to worms, mollusks, snails. Turtles love them dearly. Change the water in the terrarium can be quire every day. It is not recommended to lodge snails, fish, because they eat turtle.

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