The Mediterranean tortoise, a description of the type

Description Mediterranean tortoise, photo type, characteristic of the breed

Description Mediterranean tortoise, photo type, characteristic of the breed

Mediterranean (Greek, Caucasian) turtle – small reptile family of tortoises. carapace length of not more than thirty centimeters. Males are slightly smaller. Their armor can overtaketh only twenty-three centimeters. The body is painted turtles in sand color, contains specks of brown shades. The ventral part is also bright. Carapace almost black, decorated with yellow spots. The legs are short. On the front you can see the extremities fingers.

Habitat Mediterranean tortoises spreading in North Africa, Southern Europe and Asia. See the animals of this breed can be in the areas of the steppe, near the foot of the mountains, sparse forests. Caucasian turtles can not stand the heat, so the activity occurs in the evening, early in the morning. Rest reptile prefers hiding under some small plants. Most often it can be seen between the stones, under bushes. The body bug negatively reacts to a sharp decrease in temperature, so the animals all winter sleep. In early spring they wake up. At this time, the young couple can produce offspring. To distinguish males from females can be in the form of the shell. In males it is more voluminous.

Recently, Greek turtles taken as pets. This decision is explained by the fact that this breed reptiles quite hardy. With proper care the pet live up to thirty years. Before buying a turtle take care of a house. Perfect terrarium, aquarium. It should be roomy small animal, so to breed turtles should be defined in advance. The bottom of the “asylum” is carpeted with a thick layer of special substrate (sand, peat). At the bottom you can put small plants (oats, millet, and other grains). Sprouts will serve as additional food for your pet. It is not recommended to put in a cage of two males. Sometimes they can provoke conflicts, which will compete negatively on the health of the animals. Where better to buy a couple. Hetero individual pieces fit together perfectly. Later, they can produce offspring. After some time after mating, the expectant mother begins to lay eggs. The female buries them in the shallow soil. It is recommended to move the eggs in a special container. This will protect the embryos against injury, premature hatching. The incubator eggs are kept under special ultraviolet legs for four months. Newborn babies (about five centimeters long) are born completely unprotected. The first time, they do not take the environment.

Feed adult turtles almost everything. Quietly you can give fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, boiled chicken egg. Dairy products are also useful for the younger reptiles. The pet store you can buy special food. Nutritional supplements and vitamins. The water in the drinkers are changed daily. Remember that turtles are accustomed to the light. Therefore, regularly brings them into the street. The sun’s rays are very useful to the animal.

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