Snail Achatina lamarkiana

Snail Achatina lamarkiana, content, description and a photo

Snail Achatina lamarkiana, content, description and a photo

Achatina lamarkiana – thermophilic snail small size. The length of the shell does not exceed eleven centimeters. Sink volume reminds shell snail Achatina marginata. Colour brown with subtle as light strips. Taurus beige with pinkish hues. Antennae long, dark.

Habitat snails Achatina lamarkian spreads to the entire African continent.

The first thing you need to arrange accommodation cochlea. The best option is the aquarium, terrarium. Necessarily have a lid with holes for air. The bottom of the “seekers” are covered with a thick layer (about ten centimeters) of land with various additives. The soil is periodically sprayed with water droplets, because the snail needs moisture. The air temperature in the room should not be less than twenty-five degrees. In the terrarium / aquarium placed stable bowl of water (for bathing). Capacity should not be deep. Otherwise, your pet can choke. You can be placed in a small house snail snag. Eating snails almost everything. At the same time the taste preferences of each individual being. Over time you will realize that your pet loves most. Feed Achatina can be vegetables, fruits, different greens (lettuce, spinach). You can also put in a cage some plants. They not only give comfort, but will also be complementary feeding shellfish. Let’s eat in the evening, because shellfish are active at night.

Snails of the breed can live up to ten years. In captivity, life expectancy is greatly reduced.

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