Berdmora description rock squirrels

Photos, description Berdmora protein breed, characteristic

Photos, description Berdmora protein breed, characteristic

Exterior features of the protein berdmora breed is often compared with the characteristics of ordinary protein, as they are very similar to each other, but the main difference lies in the protein beldemora their miniature design build. In Latin, the kind known as «Menetes berdmorei».

The average weight of from 170 to 180 grams. Wool cover stands density and softness. Earlier suit the breed standard was recognized, so the dorsal part necessarily noticeable gray with shades of brown coloration, head and side areas are colored in gray, the abdomen is markedly different from the main colors and painted in lighter palette of yellow and white color. If you look closely, then on both sides can be seen pure white stripes. The tail is bushy, coloring tail region of darker colors, similar something on color back.

The main habitats of the breed berdmora located in Burma, Thailand, Indochina, as well as in the regions of Malacca. The main varieties of the area is dense forest edges, thickets of shrubs (mostly near the paddy yards), moreover, overgrown rocks fit perfectly. In mountainous areas proteins are able to rise to the height in the range of 1 to 200 meters.

Representatives berdmora destroy the stereotype that most of the time squirrels live in trees, as these pets generally spend their time on the ground. Particularly active breeding occurs in areas where all planted with rice, near the bamboo thickets, in the tall grass, where grow prickly bushes, but it causes great damage to crops, so they often poison squirrels. See the little animals in motion the opportunity for sunset, when the heat of the day subsides, but not yet dark. Nests are located mainly in the lowlands of the trees or in tree hollows placed low. reproduction process is repeated three times a year on average. Mom-berdmora at a time is able to give birth to 4-6 kids, all parts of the number does not exceed 5 pups.

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