Belopolosaya breed protein description

Photos, description Belopolosaya protein breed, characteristic

Photos, description Belopolosaya protein breed, characteristic

Consider the characteristics of some of the most common and unique protein that belong to species belopolosoy. breed name is not accidental, because the so-called pets because of their inherent strips of white color on the side areas.

The most popular pets are on the territory of Ghana, as well as other neighbor countries. These animals are found in all parts when live in small groups, which are composed of several representatives. When the proteins on the horizon, see people, they begin to shout loudly, raise panic among all the inhabitants of the forest areas.

The process occurs in dilution belopolosyh protein of different ways, but generally does not exceed 3-4 times a year. For a time my mother-protein leads three or five cubs. Features of representations varieties is that they quickly adapt to new surroundings and get used to the involuntary content and over time do not try to run away from their owners.

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