Mouse-gerbil, a description of

Description mice, gerbils, characteristics, maintenance, care of gerbils, photos

Description mice, gerbils, characteristics, maintenance, care of gerbils, photos

Gerbil – small animal, like a mouse. It has a thick, short coat, long tail, elongated muzzle, small hairy ears. body color is different (depending on the breed). Weight rodent must not exceed one hundred and twenty grams. Mongolian gerbils first appeared in Africa and Asia. Later spread to all continents. Now there are animals in each country. In the wild, animals live up to four years in captivity, life expectancy increased by several times. This is due to the fact that small animals is difficult to survive among predators, another danger. loneliness can often have a detrimental effect. In captivity, with good care gerbils will live long. It is important to remember a few key points that will now tell.

First, the most important rule – do not buy a single animal! As described above, rodents suffer terribly lonely. Buy a couple.

The second rule – the cage should be large, have many different carousels. The fact that the gerbil – active animals require constant motion, can not sit still. If you hold this recommendation, your pet will feel much better. It is advisable to let the mouse run around the house. So they can quite tired with running, stop playing. But do not forget about their safety. Animal curious, so it can run into hard to reach areas (under the sofa, behind the cupboard), not to get out. In unfamiliar places far from the wild, gerbils poorly guided. The first time, be especially careful. If you live at home other pets (cat, dog), do not leave a single gerbil as she walks. They may not like the appearance of a new little friend. With birds, rodents, other problems will arise.

The third rule – food. It should be varied. Every day can feed animals ordinary food for rodents. Select the days of the week, when you give them vegetables (carrots, cabbage), fruits, grass. Do not abuse it. Feed your animals green food every two weeks. In the wild, they do not need water, because the body is saturated with moisture, which is taken from fruits, herbs. In captivity, this is not possible, so put the next trough. Change the water daily.

If the gerbil show interest in each other, then wait for the imminent offspring. Females hatched young for almost a month. It is interesting that at the time of this process, the males all the time give the expectant mother. They clean them, feed, protect against hazards. Gerbils – Monogamous, so in the absence of the second half, the animals suffer. On expiry, the female born two three baby. A couple at this time special care. The animals do not depart from infants a single step. When they grow up and raise the next generation has been extremely dad. He teaches children all that he knows.
Gerbils like something digging. Advises the bottom paved with a thick ball of wood chips. Also sketched in a cage a few sticks of fruit trees. Rodents will grind their teeth.

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