Olives protein description

Description oilseed protein characterization, and photo content

Description oilseed protein characterization, and photo content

View Oilseed protein resides in West and East Africa. Animals give preference to forests tops. His size, body structure resembles a normal protein, but the color distinguishes this species among others. Often the whole body has a bright black color, but sometimes it is not monochrome coloring. Black back with a greenish tinge, light gray stripes on the cheeks, yellow breast, black bushy tail with white or red shades. The body is covered with hair evenly (abdomen and breast squirrels slightly pubescent, and the back is covered with a thick layer of wool, reminiscent of a human hair).

Eating a variety of fruits, acorns, seeds, a variety of plants. Also, this kind of squirrels is very fond of the fruit of the tree of Shrovetide. By the way, because of their taste preferences, small animal got its unusual name.

Females are building their nests in the tree trunk. Over time it can be born three or four cubs. Giving seed protein can roughly three times a year.

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