Tufted ground squirrel, a description of

Description kisteuhih protein characterization, and photo content

Description kisteuhih protein characterization, and photo content

View kisteuhih protein residing on the island of Borneo, is distinguished by its large size. The body length of about forty-five centimeters, huge fluffy tail – these are the distinctive features of this type of rodent. Despite the large size of squirrel, animal weighs about half a kilogram. Externally, a lover of nuts like a fairytale character. Bright brown back, white with brown stripes on the sides, very fluffy red tail, as if covered with frost, gray cheeks and legs, as if in socks, make squirrel fabulous. The name “Kisteuhaya” protein was due to the wool over the ears, similar to the brush.

They feed on rodents, fruits, acorns, nuts, plants, insects, birds sometimes. Despite their cute, innocent appearance, these proteins are the real predators. According to the stories of foresters, they lie quietly on a tree, waiting for prey. Seeing a moose, squirrel jumps on him, bites artery, and then drinks the blood of the victim. Also, this kind of rodents can harm your gardens, gnawed the bark of a tree, flowers and other plants.

They live animals on the earth, where, and build nests. Despite the ground way of life, kisteuhie good climb trees, rocks.

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