Polish-Chinese pig breed

Photos, description breed pigs Polish-Chinese, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Photos, description breed pigs Polish-Chinese, characteristic for cultivation and maintenance

Presented the Polish-Chinese breed pigs by their own characteristics related to productivity greasy direction. According to the well-known animal husbandry, Kuleshov Pavel Nikolayevich, the foundation for the further creation of species are represented by pig Russian long-eared breed, with representatives of combining English and Chinese long-eared pigs. Further, representatives were chosen the best and improved with the help of Berkshire and large Irish representatives.

Consider some of the exterior features of the species. Thus, the Polish-Chinese pigs are characterized by the following data: a medium-sized head, that the profile has an almost imperceptible bend (that is actually a straight profile), this feature is accompanied by the minimum process progresirovaniya any vegetation; at the head of the neatly placed sufficiently long ears that clearly directed forward, on endings inherent droopy ears, ears close their eyes much, but it is rather a positive fact. It is through the drooping ears pets are calmer, and the animals do not trample the grass. The body of pigs compact and relief; large and slightly convex dorsal part; the ribs and the chest is deep; well developed hams that gently blend into hock. Externally, you can immediately notice an interesting and unusual coloring representatives of the species. Pigs are inherent in white socks on a rich black background, which is the main. The stigma is virtually always have white markings, such as white spots are on the tail.

Mature males, weighing 300-350 kg in the regions, and a representative of mature females, in turn, has a live weight of 200 to 280. The advantages include their high rocks and intense maturity, pets also have excellent capabilities for fattening. For example, at the age of 180-210 days (6-7 months), the representatives of the Polish-Chinese pig breed weighs 1,009,120 kilograms. In terms of meat and greasy fattening, average slaughter weight percentage is about 84-85%. We also know that one kilogram of weight gain takes the number is greater than the average, feed units.

Sows do not differ a special level of multiple pregnancy, rather the contrary. Moms-pigs per litter leads of 6-10 piglets, and give life once hereditary ten piglets capable of not every female.

The greatest distribution represented a kind of earned the US territories. It was there that inhabit about 40% of the world’s livestock breeding content Polish pig with Chinese genetics. In Russia and Ukraine, representatives of the breed imported in limited quantities, which served except for the research and preservation of the genetic reserve. In further study processes that were carried out under the supervision of Russian scientists presented the Polish-Chinese variety was the basis in creating livenskih pigs.

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