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Red-eared sliders, content in the home, care, characteristics, description and a photo

Red-eared sliders, content in the home, care, characteristics, description and a photo

Red-eared sliders – little animal that lives in freshwater. Being resistant to low temperatures, eats almost everything. Homeland red-eared sliders turtles are considered to be the United States of America. Now hardiest animals can be found in Eurasia and Africa. In appearance it is a small animal (about twenty-five centimeters in length). Carapace dark, top decorated with yellow, blue spots. Taurus multicolored bugs. The main color – dark green. From head to stretch the shell yellow, olive stripes. Sides of head decorated with red spots oval. This coloring resembles ears. From this came the name “red-eared sliders.” Eyes animal bright green. Present black pupils round shape. Age is calculated by the turtle carapace. At the young representatives of this kind it is much lighter. With age, dark coat. The inhabitant of freshwater has more legs. Between the fingers have small ear that help them swim. Hind legs slightly longer than the front. To distinguish the female from the male can immediately. In females, the tail is much shorter than the representatives of the male gender.

Several times a year the female can produce offspring. The period of mating is repeated three times in twelve months, the process lasts three months. Over time the light can appear up to ten small turtles. Living in captivity of about twenty-five years. To breed animals may be in the age of four. Life expectancy is dependent on the environment.

Recently, red-eared sliders are becoming increasingly popular. Because endurance, ease of maintenance, this breed of turtles survives well in human homes. Live pet may be in a small aquarium. Remember, turtles alike need water, drying. It is therefore necessary to build a tank where the favorite will be able to crawl ashore. The water is desirable to change every seven days. The aquarium can be filled with water from ordinary tap water, the temperature of which should not be less than twenty degrees. Too warm water is also prohibited to pour. The bottom of the “seekers” are allowed to decorate algae. Among the plants reptile will feel comfortable. Above the bank put a lamp with ultraviolet rays, which will warm the pet. Be careful not to bug crawled out of the aquarium. It is not recommended to arrange small animal “walking” across the floor (carpet). He may accidentally swallow the “garbage” that would lead to dire consequences.

They eat meat, squid, massive worms, snails. You can also give your pet fish with bones. Pork, chicken is better not to give. Turtles eat gras perfectly. Every week you can feed the animals carrots, apples, cabbage, milk. From green suit spinach salad. The pet store you can buy special food.

Young turtles are allowed to be kept together with fish. But with age, the best move them, because the adults can begin to hunt for small aquarium inhabitants. They get along well with other breeds of turtles, Adders, lizards, frogs.

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