Texel, the description of the guinea pig breed

Photos, description guinea pig breed Texel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description guinea pig breed Texel, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

The first impression of the breed guinea pigs texel formed such that the pets are very demanding as they are holders of unrivaled and unique appearance, but, in fact, allowed the least demanding of all existing long-haired breeds. Due to the unusual structure of the coat, which is picked up in the most beautiful locks of different shapes, guinea pigs can collect their long hair, which ceases obstacle to their entanglement or contamination.

Even young infants are already able to demonstrate the honor of their ancestry – a neat curly hair. The only thing you need to determine the owner is in the process of caring for the coat of their favorites. When the owners do not have time for long procedures, we can restrict ordinary inspection curls and regular suite to keep animals clean. For those who can devote more time to her sweet, pets, regularly engaged in combing. Despite the fact that the animals least demanding, does not mean that they need not completely clean. After a while the constant scratching, you may notice that not all of the hairs collected in the hair, and some still grow separately, because of what is often amenable to entanglement or contamination. Parts likely to acquire copies of the species texel those who care hairdressing skills, but on the contrary, who predisposition to it, then it is safe to notice that animals are ideal for regular creative development and will be an ideal object for the owners of creativity.

In fact, the long-standing practice in the care of the pets have divided opinions about whether to regularly comb the coat or is it possible to do without it. In Germany, the guinea pig lovers of the opinion that animals can not comb, because with time lost original form of pride – curls, which are a mandatory feature of exterior features. These assumptions are confirmed residents of Hungary and Austria. In addition, many owners of guinea pigs believe that this indifference is accompanied in the end result of pollution and entanglement hairs. If you decided to buy for themselves like a pet, you should notice the friendly and calm temperament representatives Texel species. Animals will become the best of friends for their owners, and will always please its charming appearance.

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