Yemen chameleon

Yemen chameleon, the contents in the home, care, description and a photo

Yemen chameleon, the contents in the home, care, description and a photo

Yemen chameleon – the most popular breed animals Lizards family. These picky animals require a minimum time expenditure. Yemeni chameleons live mainly in the territories of Asia Minor. They are quite large: trunk length – thirty centimeters, the tail is not longer than ten centimeters. Males are much larger than females. Their sizes attainable fifty centimeters. The colors of light green, are present on the body zhёltovatye spots. There may be other colors. Lead animals daily way of life.

Chameleons – aggressive animals. This feature is particularly evident in the relationship between the different species of animals. If you decide to purchase this exotic animal, keep it all alone. Breeding animals in the home is permitted. By responsible business should be approached with extreme caution. If the female is not reacted mottled coloring on the partner, so he liked her. The process of fertilization of the female lasts about twenty minutes. Perhaps the sexual act is over quickly. “A couple of” hot Seat the After mating. Otherwise, it may be a conflict in which one of the affected animals. Two months after mating, the female begins to lay eggs in the soil. Over time chameleon lays about twenty-five eggs. Two weeks after laying, the female can again engage in sex. Eggs are desirably removed to a separate container filled with earth. The air temperature must be at least twenty degrees. Soil can also be cold. Over time, the temperature was decreased to ten degrees. Do it gradually. The embryos must be tempered, and not die. Do not forget to maintain proper moisture balance. Kids hatch three months after laying eggs. In winter, the breed animals hibernate. In warm areas such behavior was not observed.

may contain chameleons in small terrariums. The main thing that creature felt roomy, comfortable. The bottom is littered with a thick ball of a special substrate. Since the heat-loving animals, it requires special care. Above the house your pet arrange lamps with ultraviolet radiation. Daytime temperature should be about twenty-five degrees, the lamp can not use at night. Daily moisturize the air in the terrarium. Sprinkling the bottom wall of the water drops. This procedure is recommended in the morning. As feed, use of cockroaches, beetles. They also eat green food (spinach, lettuce, dandelion leaves). Insects can be purchased at a pet store. Yemen chameleon is eating a lot. So feed him every day. Drink animals ordinary water. At the bottom of the cage, place a sustainable capacity in water. But as chameleons do not like to drink, you need to water them occasionally violently. The main thing is not to overdo. In the mouth, pour a few drops. For ease of use the syringe, pipette.

Lifespan Yemen chameleon with proper care can overtaketh seven years. In captivity live to five.

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