Melania (ground snail)

Melania (ground snail), content description and pictures

Melania (ground snail), content description and pictures

Melania (ground snail) – a small creature dwelling in areas of Africa and Central Asia. Meet the snails of this breed can be near the various reservoirs. Vault Melania formed independently of sand, clay, earth mixture. Clamshell resembles a cone. Shell brown of various shades. It is divided into several spirals. the snail’s body is completely different. Most often you can find a mollusk with a light, a dark-skinned. The structure of the body is the same as that of other breeds snails.

Keep snail is not difficult at home. Pet can live in the aquarium. Necessarily be cap. Otherwise, the animal can escape. In the cage put the drinkers, feeders. It is also advisable to buy a snag, a small wooden house. The bottom of the “asylum” thick carpet the soil / coco substrate layer. You can select more fillers. The main thing that was a lot of litter (approximately ten centimeters in height). It will be good to plant some plants. They serve a good supplementary feed your pet. The room should be warm. If the air temperature is below four degrees, snail falls asleep for a while. Periodically spray the soil with water drops. Snails need moisture. You can also put in a cage a small stable container filled with water. It clam will bathe.

Feed the breed snails exclusively vegetable food: vegetables, fruits, various cereals boiled. More than anything, the animals like algae. But do not feed them often, if you can not give delicacies all year round. Snail may simply not have other food, that are accustomed to the goodies. Also not recommended to give the algae on the properties of which you know nothing.

With proper care, produce offspring snail Melania may, at any time of the year. Keep mating is possible in the age of two.

Melania live in the wild for several years. In captivity live up to six. Shellfish quickly adapt to a new environment, not timid. During hazard calm animals may produce a sharp, nasty squeak.

This breed snails friendly, non-aggressive. So you can easily keep a few snails in an aquarium. Also, social animals are friendly to different kinds of snails, fish.

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