Snail Achatina Fulik

Snail Achatina Fulik has content in the home, care, description and a photo

Snail Achatina Fulik has content in the home, care, description and a photo

Achatina Fulik – a breed of giant snails that live on the East African territories. Pets love to a hot climate. At home snail Fulik has considered pests because the eat plant leaves. Sometimes this breed snails can deprive entire crop plantations. Since they do not dwell on the Eurasian continent, the people of many countries are imported snails as pets.

Body length of the cochlea approximately twenty centimeters. Carapace surround, brown. Taurus beige, sometimes gray.

Age of the cochlea can be determined by the number of spirals in the shell. The more of them there, the older the shellfish.

Keep snail is not difficult at home. Live pet can terrarium, aquarium (without water). Necessarily be cap. Otherwise, the animal can escape. In the cage put the drinkers, feeders. It is also advisable to buy a snag, a small wooden house. The bottom of the “asylum” thick carpet the soil / coco substrate layer. You can select more fillers. The main thing that was a lot of litter (approximately ten centimeters in height). The room should be warm. If the air temperature is below four degrees, snail falls asleep for a while. Periodically spray the soil with water drops. Snails need moisture. You can also put in a cage a small stable container filled with water. It clam will bathe.

Feed the breed snails exclusively vegetable food: vegetables, boiled egg, fruit, various cereals boiled meat. More than anything, the animals like cucumbers. But do not feed them often, if you can not give cucumbers all year round. Snail may simply not have other food, that are accustomed to the cucumbers.

With proper care, produce offspring Achatina Fulik may, at any time of the year. Keep mating is possible in the age of two. After mating, clam digs do not just eggs in the soil. He keeps them on their own body. Later cubs are born. Usually it hatches about two hundred babies at a time.

Living Fulik in the wild for five years. In captivity live to ten. Shellfish quickly adapt to a new environment, not timid. During hazard calm animals may produce a sharp, nasty squeak.

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