Matamata, description

Description Matamata turtle species, breed characteristics of the photo

Description Matamata turtle species, breed characteristics of the photo

Matamata (Mata Mata) – a small reptile family Zmeinosheih turtles. body structure, shape shell Matamata much different from other members of his clan. The animal has a long, flat neck, triangular-shaped head. Carapace thin, ribbed. Paws bug fringed long, flat. Near you can see the slender claws. Color dark. The body is painted in gray. Carapace as dark. In nature, there are more than thirty subspecies fringed turtles. Each subspecies has its own characteristics. Usually distinguished by skin color. It can be bluish, orange, maroon play.

Meet the animals of this breed can be on the territory of South America. Australia, New Guinea. Turtles spend most of their time in water. Sometimes they swim ashore. During the hunt, Matamata become true predators. They can wait for a long time “victim” in the sight of the other place. But sometimes too much effort not fit need. Small fish, molluscs themselves to swim reptiles due to unusual branches on the skin. When the “victims” themselves swim in the mouth to turtle, she had no choice but to swallow them. The animal does not own a massive jaws, strong teeth. Turtles simply swallow food, not pre-chew it.

The last time this breed of turtles include home as pets. It turned out that fringed the bug does not take a lot of time. They can live well in aquariums. It is important to maintain the desired temperature of the water (twenty-five, thirty degrees). Since thermophilic animal, it can not survive in cold water. The aquarium should be large. Be sure to make the shore. Where can bug out to dry. UV lamps place over land. It is not advisable to sand mixed with water. At the bottom of the tank, place a small house where Matamata can hide. As described above, feed turtles clams, fish and other small inhabitants of the sea. At home, you can give her a live fish, large worms, toads. You can also give them a boiled egg, meat.

Giving the offspring of the animals can breed all year. not recommended pairing turtles at home.

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