Turtle Chinese Far Trioniks

Description Chinese turtle species Trioniks, characteristic of the breed, photos

Description Chinese turtle species Trioniks, characteristic of the breed, photos

Trioniks Chinese (Far East turtle) – a small freshwater reptile, inhabits waters of China, Japan, Vietnam and other Far Eastern countries. The body length of the reptile does not exceed twenty-five centimeters. The animal has an unusual muzzle. His nose is long, resembling a tube. At the end of the tube has two equal size nostrils. The carapace is flat, great. The head of the Chinese turtle bulk, oval. It is not flattened, as in other freshwater turtles. Eyes small, round with strong pupils. Carapace is not divided into sectors. It is smooth, flat. Paws large, clumsy. There fingers with small webbed, which helps the reptile to swim. Body Colour – light brown. On the body, the shell has small dark dots. In older turtles grow long tail, decorated with light stripe. This change occurs only in males. In females the tail is small. Trioniks has massive jaws, sharp teeth. With fangs he easily bite through small fish. Most of his life reptile spends in the water sometimes appear on land. The activity observed at night. Happy reptiles prefer to relax.

Though Chinese Trioniks do not own such a huge popularity as red-eared sliders, they are often bought as an exotic pet. Due to its endurance, ease of maintenance, unusual appearance of this breed reptiles are increasingly choosing the people of Europe. Pelodiscus do not need a huge area. They would be enough for a small aquarium with water. Like any other breed turtles, these reptiles need the same water, land. If the animal is at all times be under the water, it just suffocate, drown. Therefore it is necessary to build an aquarium with access to the beach. This may be a small rise, strewn with sand, peat. It is important that sand did not get into the water. Trioniks – heat-loving animal, so the water temperature should not be less than twenty-five degrees. You can also put a big stone, where turtle can bask. Over land, put a lamp with ultraviolet rays. It will warm your pet.

Eat pelodiscus in the wild worms, snails, clams, tiny fish. They also eat algae and other plants. At home, this reptile rock conditions feed special food that you can buy at the pet store. Be sure to fertilize, snails, fish, worms. You can give a boiled egg, vegetables, fruit. It is allowed to sit on the bottom of the seaweed. They will be an additional food for your pet.

Cleaning in the terrarium it is recommended every three days. It is not advisable to include the Far Eastern turtle with other animals. Pour water to settle. To facilitate the cleaning, use a special hose that will suck the debris.

The first time the bug may be afraid of you, do not take food. Over time, the animal gets used to you. It is important not to frighten her. So the first time, try not to take the reptile in his hands. Also, a bug bite is very painful. If you do decide to hold it in your hands, take the rear part of the shell. The life expectancy of the Chinese Trioniks becomes an average of twenty-five years.

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