Crab spider, a description of the type

Description spider-crabs (bokohod), species characteristics, photos, danger

Description spider-crabs (bokohod), species characteristics, photos, danger

Crab spider – a family of spiders araneomorphae contract. They live in dark places: bushes, high grass, overgrown rocks, trees legs. Insects small size. The body length of less than one centimeter. Color-body spiders varies depending on the environment. This insects become invisible to enemies. Also color “chameleon” makes it easy to produce their own food. They eat mainly plant leaves. Also feed on insects.

It is important to note that this breed of spider brings great benefit to the people. They eat the insects that damage crops. Sacrifice spider patiently waiting on the plants. Masquerading under the color of grass, a leaf, they become invisible. When the victim is close enough, the spider quickly grabs her. Unfortunately, crab spiders are not able to distinguish the poisonous from edible insects. The consequence of this it is the death of a spider.

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