Spider-Wolf, a description of the type

Description of species of spiders wolf characteristics, photos.

Description of species of spiders “Wolf”, a characteristic picture

Wolf spiders – insects that do not spin webs. They live on the ground, prey on various bunches, beetles and other insects. Spiders of the breed can be found in the forest areas. Before the onset of winter they hide in houses. “Wolves” are poisonous insects, but are not dangerous for humans. They are often confused with tarantulas, recluse spider. The distinguishing feature is the absence of the web. Spiders usually crawl on the ground. They’re pretty nimble.

In nature, there are about two thousand subspecies of spiders. The main body color – brown. Moves insects in groups that are not quite typical of other species of spiders. Despite the clearly expressed by the distinctive features, packs of wolves, it may be difficult to recognize. body dimensions are different. The smallest spiders reach two millimeters. The maximum length for this species – four centimeters. If you look closer, you will see two huge eyes, close to each other. Between them there are four small eyes. This is another hallmark. Due to sharp vision, spiders quickly find the victim. First spiders silently waiting for prey, when a victim quickly piled on her, biting through body sufficiently strong jaws. The males of this breed spiders are much smaller than females. The body is slightly darker than the female spiders. Males are trying to please the female, to show their best qualities. Female carefully selects his father’s future offspring. About young care even before their birth. Expectant mother lays eggs in the spider bag, which is for a hatching to their children. Later, she takes care of them: bring food, carries on itself.

Interestingly, the wolf spiders hunt in different ways. Some people prefer to lie on the ground in the afternoon wandering, others at night. Someone is waiting for the victim in the river, lake. Some subspecies generally lie in a shallow burrow, waiting for the victim itself to fall into a hole. Each subspecies of wolf spiders choose housing at its discretion. Some settle in grassy thickets, others prefer burrows. Mink also are different (straight, at a certain angle).

Insects of this breed multiply rapidly. Groups inhabit even the whole plantation. This also has advantages. It is known that spiders – predators. They do not eat grass. Belly insects-pests, they save the harvest.

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